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Nursery Security  




To enable us to monitor people entering the building, the nursery has a secure entrance system with 6 CCTVs and visitors to the nursery must ring the bell. In the event of anyone other than the parent collecting a child a password previously agreed with the parent must be given. Identification will be requested by the Manager on Duty only. 


All members of staff, who do not recognise a person, will ask them their full name and the name of the child they have come to collect. Staff will ensure they ask the Manager on Duty to check the information before releasing the child and the person will not be left unattended in the nursery. 


All visitors must report to the nursery reception, sign the Visitor's book and be accompanied at all times.


It is vital that all parents inform the nursery of any personal changes to their or their child's personal details, particularly emergency and collection contacts. Nursery Management will not discharge a child's personal details unless authorised or requested to do so by the parent. 


We ask all parents to refrain from letting anyone in the nursery, for example, when you are leaving the building, please do not hold the door open for someone else who may be coming through, even if you know the person. All visitors to the nursery, including the authorised person to collect a child, must be let in the nursery by the Nursery Manager /Deputy or a member of the nursery team. 

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