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Age Groups


At Gilwell Hill Children's Nursery, the room organisation and age groupings ensure that all children have plenty of time and space to explore, play and learn, but most of all, to enjoy their day!


Our skilled practitioners fully understand the varying needs of children and the changing requirements as children develop between the age of 3 months and preschool age.


When children first come to the nursery,  we encourage parents to spend as much time as they need, helping to 

settle their child in.These settling in sessions are free of charge and organised a month before your child's start date. 

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How do we plan for your child's learning?


Each child will be dedicated a Key Person, to ensure that all of their requirements are met. 

You can always be assured that you and your child will meet a familiar face at the start of every day. In addition to each child's individual communication book, our staff will value the time they have to give feedback to each family.


Our staff members are trained to plan for your child's individual learning needs. Staff will observe and identify strengths, development needs and interests and build on these through weekly plans. We encourage you to contribute to these plans in various ways, including our 'At home observation forms'. These enable you to record observations on your children at home and in various situations. Our practitioners can use these to identify areas of learning and use this information to extend your child's learning at nursery. 

If you are interested in knowing more about the way in which we plan for your child's learning, please speak with a member of the Management team. 

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