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When children become ill, it is sometimes in the child's interest and for the safety of the nursery for them to be excluded from the nursery during the illness. We therefore require that alternative arrangements to be made for occasions when children should remain at home or need to be picked up due to illness. 

All children will be observed during each day for symptoms of illness such as high temperature, dislike of light, lethargy, floppiness, pain, discomfort, rash, vomiting or unusual demeanour. 

Nursery staff will call the parent to collect immediately if they should have concerns about the health of a child in their care. If a child's condition is considered to be serious, an ambulance will be called and the parent will be asked to meet their child either at the nursery or the hospital where medical assistance can be sought. 


Exclusion from the nursery is sometimes necessary to reduce the transmission or illness or because the nursery is not able to adequately meet the needs of the child.


Please feel free to contact the Nursery Manager if you need more information.

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