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If your child is on medication, we are happy to administer any prescription medication at nursery on the condition that your child appears well enough to attend. All medicines brought into the nursery must be handed to the Manager on Duty, a nursery medication form needs to be completed and your signature will be required to authorise its administration. 


Any medication brought into the nursery must be in its original container and labelled with your child's full name, the dosage required and the date it was prescribed. Any medication that does not meet the criteria on the Medication Form and is not prescribed by a General Practitioner will not be administered. 


We are able to administer long term medication such as an inhaler. 


The nursery retains its own supply of temperature control medication (Calpol) and will admister this in the event that a child's temperature reaches 38C. Our staff are trained to find alternative ways to reduce your child's temperature, prior to administering temperature control medication. We can only admister this if we have prior signed authorisation from you to do so (this will be done upon registration) and you will be contacted via telephone prior to medication being given. We will only admister one dose; if your child's temperature does not reduce or rises again  later in the day, you will be asked to collect them. We will not admister temperature control medication such as Calpol as a preventive medicine. 

This also applies to allergy medication such as Piriton, which will only be administered in an emergency situation.


External medications such as Eczema creams or nappy creams  can be applied with your written consent. 


In all cases, if a child is deemed unwell, you will be asked to keep them at home until they are in general good health.


Please feel free to consult the nursery's Policies and procedures for more information or speak with the Nursery Manager.



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