Partnership with                Parents

We always aim to work with you as a partner in the care of your child, as you know your child best. 


The most effective and personal way to get to know you is through frequent verbal communication with the nursery management and team.


The nursery holds a quarterly Parents Nursery Group  (PNG) meeting with a group of nominated representatives from the nursery.The purpose of this is to ensure that your views and opinions are being obtained and nursery development ideas are shared.


Parent Information

Nursery Communication
Effective communication is the key to building positive relationships between you and the nursery staff.
Verbal communication is always best, but we also have other ways of communicating with you:


- Weekly Email updates


- Daily communication books


- Parent Information Evenings


- Monthly newsletters


- Room newsletters


- Preschool Information Evenings

          Our Fees



£55.00   non-refundable registration fee to secure your child's place.


No Deposit required!


Competitive fees


10% sibling discount


2 year Free Early Education Entitlement


3 & 4 year Free Early Education Entitlement


For more information, please contact the Nursery Manager



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