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'Super Stars': 2-5 years



The leap from nursery to school can be a big one for your child, but with programmes like 'Little Writers', 'Little Mathematicians' and clubs such as 'I can cook club', 'Gardening Club' and  'Little Einsteins' from 'Gilwell Hill Children's Day Nursery and Preschool', we can help make sure that the transition is as smooth as possible. 


Our preschool room will equip your school age child with all the skills needed and desire to think for themselves, focus on their responsibilities, work with others, sort problems, communicate and gain an increasing understanding of the world and how it works. 







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Your child's readiness for school will be supported through projects especially created on school readiness, additional resources for parents, meetings, newsletters, as well as offering ideas for activities to carry out with your child at home to promote this. 


You will be invited to Preschool Information Evenings to have all your questions answered and suggest ideas for practitioners to implement in the room as well. 

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